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i think it's great that you would have this image in your head when you hear certain music. the backgrounds are somethin i don't pay much attention to in my work and i tend to focus on my characters. you made the backgrounds really trippy. this might be the best i've seen yet on newgrounds.


this is the most professional looking animation out of all the other newgrounds flashes i've seen. it actually looked like a real show. it was also funny.


too scary for kids? ppffttt. fuck the kids

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it doesn't seem like you quite got the styles down.
i don't think i've seen bruce lee fight with that stance. it should be less waving and more hopping. the jeet kune do fighting style bruce lee uses uses mainly mid kicks and not high kicks.
ting's stance does not look like the one he uses in the movie or even look like muay thai at all. i think he should have been using that two stick style instead of that long stick that doesn't quite look like the way he did in ong bak. i think he had more powerful attacks than that forward somersault kick like the jumping overhead elbow or the flying elbow/knee attack or somethin.
and i thought musashi was known for using two swords but whatever.
i doubt ninjas would use that goofy stance.
but, the backgrounds still look cool. the sounds are cool.
i can see you can program the game well so i'll give you credit for that.
i think tween animation for characters is very limiting and creates very 2 dimensional movement. if it was frame-by-frame, you could draw the characters in ways that tweening can't. but it's more time consuming.

DJStatika responds:

I copied that bruce lee stance direct from bruce lee, keeping the hands moving was one of the key things he said. Yes often he hopped about aswell. Bruce lee's fighting style was called Jun Fan (jeet kune do was a philosophy and doesnt really look like anything), the movements i copied are all based on him rather than the style. Bruce lee used lots of high kicks in his films and jeet kune do doesnt say anything about not using them.

Tings stance was again copied straight out of ong bak, and you are right, what he did in ong bak doesnt look much like muay thai. Flying elbow/knee wouldnt really work in the game.

Musashi invented the 2 sword style, but the more weapons I added, the more the game slowed down. So I couldnt keep adding them. Besides musashi believed that you shouldnt be limited to 1 style/weapon.

There was a story for the ninja, about him living in china for a long time and learning mantis kung fu. But I couldnt be bothered to write 35_ stories. Maybe I'll add them later.


ok, i see you can program this game well because i can't do that.
but the game is very limited.
the controls aren't so responsive because the animation is slow.
the game would be more fun if it was fast paced action so it can truly be a rampage.
there are no combos and the animation is stiff and generic.
if you put in some combos, then it would look a lot more exciting and a lot more like fighting than just one looping punch or swing or gunshot.
take for example, modern video games like dynasty warriors or devil may cry that have cool combo animations with the repeated press of at least one button.
there should at least be a way to dodge or block attacks
of course the feature that distinguishes the matrix series is bullet time which is not present, but i can see you haven't figured that out yet.
but the sound effects are good and the graphics are ok.
the music, well you already heard about that...yeah...


wow this game is fun. i just love to beat the crap outta them kids


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